Assoluto Racing MOD APK v2.12.14 (Unlimited Money, Cars)

Assoluto Racing Apk
App NameAssoluto Racing
Latest Version2.12.14
Size1.8 GB
Developed ByInfinity Vector Ltd
Requirement5.0 or up
Worldwide Downloads10 Million+
Root Required?No
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, All Cars Unlocked, Easy Win
Rating(4.3/5) 82488 Votes
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Everyone has their dream car scenario. Maybe it’s a sleek and powerful sports car, or a classic muscle machine from the 1970s. Infinity Vector is proud to present Assoluto Racing MOD APK, a highly-rated driving game for Android that brings your dream of being an Assoluto racer within your fingertips. Take to the track, street or speedway to test and have fun with some of the coolest cars in the world. From close inspection of the engine, becoming best friends with your suspension, and getting expertly acquainted with your drifting ability, you can become a true Assoluto racer.

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With Assoluto Racing, you can get offline single player fun and multiplayer racing against real life opponents, as well as amazingly clear graphics for Android. Infinity Vector, the team behind Assoluto racing, have tackled huge challenges in their game development by adding the entire Nürburgring track to the game. You may also like Rovercraft Mod Apk.

The graphics and realism in Assoluto Racing will make you feel like you are driving the car. The controls respond smoothly to your touch, and the various kinds of vehicles allow everyone to have a competitive racing experience. It’s free on Android and iPhone mobile devices, so be sure to try it out!

Game Overview

Who doesn’t love cars? Take your passion to the next level with a full-featured racing game like Assoluto Racing. This game features real physics and lets you have total control over the car while providing you with lots of obstacles to overcome. Plus, players can buy spare parts, new vehicles, and upgrade their ride. You can build your dream car and take part in multiplayer racing games with millions of other people. Whether you’re looking for an amazingly realistic racing game or something a bit less serious, don’t miss out on this opportunity!

assoluto racing mod apk unlimited money

You’re never alone when you play Assoluto Racing. You’ll be racing against real players online, and you’ll be challenged to take on the most intense challenges in the melancholic drift race. And at the same time, you’ll feel like you’re taking a real trip around the world with authentic racing courses and unbelievable vehicles. Build your dream car and get ready for tough racing challenges! Assoluto Racing makes it easy for you to experience the best of authenticity and modernity in racing cars from one of the world’s leading manufacturer.

The player must drive all sorts of vehicles to complete the driving missions. The game features various cars for you to unlock. You need to complete challenges on multiple tracks and race your car to the designated open racing ground. If you want a real driving experience, there are expensive sports cars parked here for your enjoyment. Dynamic background music is playing in this audio-visual feast, adding driving music just for you. Download Assoluto Racing MOD APK now and unleash the true potential of super cars. You may also want to check Rebel Racing MOD APK.

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Assoluto Racing MOD APK Hack Features

Licensed Cars and Tracks

Infinity Vector really cares about the user experience, so they’ve gone to great lengths to provide a number of officially licensed tracks, cars, and cosmetic companies in this game. Take a spin around the Nurburgring and check out some of the most well-known JDM (Japan Domestic Market) cars in this game. Assoluto’s goal is to provide as much realism and car fanaticism as possible on mobile devices, which is why this game that feels like it’s from next-generation racing on android devices.

Collect your favorite cars

Assoluto Racing has no limit in the garage. You can add as many cars as you want, like any other car game. Compare that to real life, where you usually have limited space and must choose between a washing machine or fridge. In Supercar Drive, you can go crazy with Ferraris, McClarens and Jaguars. And unlike most games, this one’s powered by officially licensed vehicles from all over the world!

Car modifications and upgrade

There are many ways to improve performance of your car. Tune up engine, reduce weight, boost torque and horsepower – the possibilities are endless! You can also get technical with exhaust and transmission systems, spruce up your ride with slick tires and a fresh paint job. No matter what vehicle you drive, the freedom is yours to customise and upgrade it.

assoluto racing mod apk all cars unlocked

Excellent Graphics

Racing games, like the graphics and visual aspects are very important to the experience. For racing games, they don’t require as high a quality as more popular genres. But generically speaking, this game is a good choice for graphics. The UI is also easy to enjoy right until the end and the user experience of this game is pretty good, too. It’s not 3D but it does simulate well enough that you will be satisfied with it.

The detail in the images is shown clearly, while the careful investment promises to make players feel inspired. There are several types of cars with many different colors to choose from, most of which come integrated with bright colors to help you experience this breathtaking event vividly and beautifully. The transition effect in the game will be quite smooth for your gameplay experience. However, you can still enjoy this high-quality game even if your device has low configuration.

Variety of racing tracks

With unlimited coins, cars and customizing or spare parts, the game always keeps you entertained. And to top it off, there are a variety of racing tracks available at different cities and backgrounds! It’s even unlocked one by one based on your achievements over time. But don’t worry! We offer patched Assoluto Racing MOD APK so you can unlock premium racing tracks whenever you want. When others are playing on the same old ground, you can go against the toppers with greater achievements by unlocking premium racing tracks and showing off your prominent racing potential.

Become a real racer

One of the best games on the market, Assoluto Racing will turn players into real racers. You’re tasked with trying to be the top racer in a race, and as a reward you’ll receive worthy bonuses and premium equipment for your car customization. Race against other drivers from around the world by using an internet connection. Have fun and experience racing like never before!

Competition against real racers

Unlike other games where you play against the bots. This game is about going up against real people in a competitive racing environment. The game also keeps the competitive era open, so you can show off what you have to offer. You can go up against the most prominent players from all over the world. You’ll be able to race in real-time with genuine players from diverse corners of the world.

Unlimited Money

Like Cafe Racer MOD APK, you will be able to get unlimited money, coins, and credits. So you can use it freely to buy the cars, do customizations and upgrade your vehicle with the powerful engine, heavy brakes, handling power, or just repaint your vehicles. All up to you how you design and maintain your super car for the racing competition.

How to Install Assoluto Racing MOD APK

Assuming you have the Assoluto Racing APK downloaded on your Android device, here is how you can use it to get an advantage over other players in the game.

  1. When you finish with the downloading mod apk file, go to the settings menu and enable “Unknown Sources”. This will allow you to install the MOD APK.
  2. Next, open the file manager on your device and locate the APK file. Tap on it to begin installation.
  3. Once the installation is complete, launch the game and you should now have access to all the features of the MOD APK.
  4. Use these features to your advantage and dominate the competition!


Is Assoluto racing free?

Yes, Assoluto Racing game is totally free to play. However, you can download the MOD version from ApkTruck to unlock the paid cars.

Is Assoluto racing an offline game?

You can play Assoluto racing in both online and offline mode.

What is the best car in assoluto racing?

Lotus Exos is the best car in Assoluto racing game.

Who made Assoluto racing?

The game is developed by Infinity Vector Ltd and has over 10 million downloads worldwide.


Assoluto Racing MOD APK is a great game for anyone who loves racing games. It has amazing graphics and a great selection of cars to choose from. The controls are easy to learn and the gameplay is very addictive. I highly recommend this game to any fan of racing games.
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