Cooking Mama MOD APK v1.95.0 (Unlocked all recipes)

App NameCooking Mama
Latest Version1.95.0
Size77.7 MB
Developed ByOffice Create Corp.
Requirement4.4 and up
Worldwide Downloads1 Million+
Root Required?No
MOD FeaturesUnlocked all recipes, Free Shopping
Rating(4.1/5) 47284 Votes
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Cooking Mama MOD APK is a game that will appeal to a wide range of players because it allows you to put your culinary skills to the test while also learning new recipes. Your characters should be women who love to cook. Their meals should include ingredients that come from their personal garden, and they’d like to share them with others.

You can play the game alone, or you can play with your friends. In the game you can get free cash for your paid dishes. 

YouTube video

Cooking Lets by COOKING MAMA is a charming project cooking theme for kids. This video game teaches the kids the fundamentals of culinary art. It’s all about cooking using simple controls, fun gameplay, and easy navigation. With a wide variety of cooking appliances, dishes, and recipes, this cookbook will appeal to all children. Beautifully illustrated.

Diversification helps make games more interesting by offering unique ways to play and eliminating the need for multiple modes and objectives.

Game Overview of Cooking Mama MOD APK

Cooking Mama has come to Android to help you and your children get into the kitchen. These are our main characters, who we’re training to be your Cooking Tutors and Testers. Join them in their journey into the world of delicious meals and the joy that comes from cooking.

Once the game begins, you’ll want to use the amazing in-game cooking facilities to start a new restaurant. Cooking Mama is a cooking game that’s perfect for teaching you how to cook. Take it from me — if you’re going to serve up some good food, then you’re going to need to do some dishes. Become a master chef, level up, and master all the cooking tasks in the game.

The game provides its users with easy access to a massive collection of recipes for cooking, thanks to a large library of different dishes and fully equipped kitchens. You should think about becoming a caterer because the skills and knowledge you would gain from learning new recipes and improving your skills would be an excellent opportunity for you to learn new ones and improve your skills.

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If you are good at the game and want to get better, you’ll be able to share your meals with others, and you’ll be able to build your own restaurant where you’ll serve the meal. You can collect all the components by planting crops, fishing, raising livestock, and so on. Feel free to gather them. It’s a fun and realistic look at how you could change your career path.

Cooking Mama MOD APK Hack Features

Awesome game modes

Cooking Mama is the best cooking game available right now, and there are also other games to choose from. Help mode lets you assist visitors in eating meals by turning the device off when the food is finished, then turning it back on again after all food is served to ensure the taste satisfaction.

When you’re in cooking mode, you’ll have to head out and buy all the ingredients you’ll need for preparing a meal. You will be rewarded once you follow all of the rules, and you will never have to go back to work if you take this route.

There’s a game mode where you have to assemble the different elements using logic. There are plenty of interesting things for you to do, including several DIY projects. To get a sense of what it’s like to be a genuine housewife, check out the Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook!mod. Create mouth-watering delights for your customers.

Culinary Games

You’ll love this game! It’s filled with fun mini games that help teach you how to cook in a fun way. As you cook all the yummy meals in Cooking Mama, you’ll find that you get the help you need to cook a variety of delicious meals. The Cooking Mama games provide a great combination of food preparation, game play, and cooking simulation. Learning the game’s recipes in just a few hours will help you master the recipes fast and easily.

This is how to use your mobile phone to teach yourself how to cut ingredients effectively. Using straightforward movements on the screens, turn the food as it’s cooking. You’ll also find that your skills as a cook improve with every new recipe you learn.

Gather Fresh Ingredients

Mix fresh ingredients together in a big pot and then add delicious spices for a kick.

Cooking Mama is a fun cooking simulation game that lets you cook and play at the same time. In addition, you can enjoy the game’s many unique features, including cooking by combining ingredients, gathering ingredients and spices, playing mini-games, and more.

The reason for this is that this means you’ll catch fresh fish, shrimp, and other seafood to prepare. Grow a variety of plants and harvest them when the time is right. On your ranch you should raise many animals, like horses and sheep.

Entertaining Mini-Games

A range of fun, engaging and easy-to-play games. The game includes mini games, such as “Quick Draw” and “Millionaire’s Quest,” that have nothing to do with cooking. It means you’ll always have something interesting to do. When you help others in the Help Out challenges, it’s always a lot of fun.

The role of Shopkeeper and running your own store is a very good experience. Have a relaxing day with this entertaining and challenging new puzzle book. As you answer the questions, learn some interesting facts about yourself along the way. Cooking Mama should be easy for Android gamers to obtain high scores with more than 30 different types of engaging mini games.

It’s at your establishment

For those of you who would like to know more about the game, you can play it in this game. You are free to prepare your own meals and share them with the community in your lovely neighborhood.

Encourage people to taste your food and make your guests marvel at your culinary skills. Create and grow a successful ecommerce business from the ground up. It’s the same as the Diner DASH, but now there are more recipes. You’ll be able to select and cook one recipe at a time.

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