Dragon Battle MOD APK v13.75 (Unlimited Money, Coins, Gems)

Dragon Battle Apk
App NameDragon Battle
Latest Version13.75
Size131.9 MB
Developed ByTap Pocket
Requirement4.4 or up
Worldwide Downloads1 Million+
Root Required?No
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Resources, Coins, No Ads
Rating(4.4/5) 23948 Votes
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Dragon Battle MOD APK offers turn-based fighting RPG gameplay that boasts a deep and engrossing world, endless customization, an upgrade system that is easy to understand, and loads of strategic depth. A call for peace has gone unheard on Dragon Island. Evil forces across the land are working together in an attempt to defeat the peace, and they need your help. Take on this interesting adventure and experience the fun from dragon island!

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What if you could be master of the legendary dragons? With three different generations of dragons, plus an educational game and a gridded world, you’re in for a new adventure. You get to raise your own dragons, make your own team of dragons and explore the mystery behind these amazing creatures.

Dragon Battle MOD APK Features

Dragon Battle features fast-paced PvP battles between teams of dragons. Choose your dragon and battle your way to the top of the leaderboard. Collect powerful cards to use in your fights, and upgrade your stats to win. Join the community and make new friends as you compete for glory!

Fight against enemies

In Dragon Battle MOD, you take control of a powerful dragon as you fight against enemies in an epic battle for control of the land. Fight your way through hordes of enemy soldiers and powerful dragons to reach the throne room and take down your opponent in a final showdown. With over 20 different dragon types to choose from and various spells and abilities at your disposal, there’s never been a better time to become the champion of Dragon Battle.

dragon battle mod apk unlimited gems

Fight to Protect Islands

In Dragon Battle, players take on the role of a champion who must fight to protect the islands in their kingdom from invaders. The game features an innovative battle system that allows for fast-paced combat and strategic planning. Players can select from a variety of weapons and abilities to defeat their opponents, and can also summon powerful dragons to help them in battle.

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The islands in the game are home to various creatures and plants, and players must work together to protect them from destruction. They can do this by building defenses and training their troops to fight off the enemy attacks. In addition, they can also engage in trading activities with other kingdoms in order to gain resources necessary for defending their lands. Overall, Dragon Battle MOD APK is an exciting game that is sure to appeal to fans of strategy games.

Beautiful Graphics

Dragon Battle is a new and exciting game for Android that offers beautiful graphics and a thrilling battle between two teams of dragons. The goal is to help your team defeat the opponent by flying around the map, attacking enemies, and collecting treasure. There are different modes available, including single player, multiplayer, and challenges. You can also customize your dragon with different colors and wings.

Collect your dream team of Dragons

In Dragon Battle MOD, you take control of a dragon and battle other players to see who can be the best. You can choose from a variety of dragons, each with their own abilities and strengths. Use these abilities to defeat your opponents and become the ultimate dragon champion!

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Dragon has its own special skills and personality

In Dragon Battle, you play as a dragon who must battle other dragons in order to become the strongest. The game features different modes and levels, so you can challenge yourself at any level. In addition, the dragon has its own special skills and personality that makes it unique from other dragons. With these skills, you can defeat your opponents easily.

dragon battle mod apk unlimited coins and gems

Choose your dragon team wisely

In Dragon Battle, your team of dragons is your ultimate weapon. You’ll have to choose wisely who to put on your team, because each dragon has different abilities and strengths.

Here are five tips for choosing the right dragon for your needs in Dragon Battle:

  1. Choose a dragon with a strong attack. Some dragons have powerful attacks that can take out enemies quickly.
  2. Choose a dragon with a strong defense. Certain dragons have high armor ratings, which means they can withstand lots of damage before they die.
  3. Choose a dragon with good mobility. Some dragons are fast and can chase down enemies quickly. Others are more suited for ranged attacks from a distance.
  4. Choose a dragon with an ultimate ability that suits your strategy. Not all dragons have the same abilities, so it’s important to choose one that will help you achieve your goals in battle.
  5. Experiment with different dragons and see what works best for you in Dragon Battle! There’s no one perfect way to win every battle, so find the strategy that works best for you and stick with it – you’ll be victorious!

Addictive adventure game

Dragon Battle is a new addictive adventure game that will keep you entertained for hours on end. Travel through an exciting world, complete quests and battles, and collect magical treasures. The game is easy to learn but hard to master, so you’ll never get bored!

Dragon battle mod apk unlimited coins and gems

If you’re a fan of dragon battle games, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about the Dragon Battle MOD APK. This mod lets you add unlimited coins and gems to your game free of cost, which can help you become even more powerful as you fight your way through the ranks. If you’re looking for an edge in your battles, this is the mod for you.

dragon battle mod apk free shopping

Dragon battle mod apk free shopping

Dragon battle MOD APK is a free shopping mod that lets you purchase items from the in-game shop, including weapons, armor, and consumables. You can also use the mod to access new quests and areas.

Dragon Battle MOD APK Unlimited money, resources

Like Internet Café Simulator 2 MOD APK, you will get access to the unlimited money and resources in this game. These can be used to purchase powerful weapons and armor, as well as upgrades for your Dragons. This version of the game also includes new quests and secrets, so you can explore the world even more. Use your new powers to defeat your enemies and take control of the kingdom!

How to Play Dragon Battle MOD?

If you’re a fan of classic mobile games, then you’ll love Dragon Battle MOD. This free game is a classic style RPG with turn-based combat and lots of strategy. You control a party of heroes as they wander through many different dungeons and castles in search of treasure. The goal is to defeat the evil dragon that’s threatening the kingdom, and you’ll need to use all your skills to do it.

There are hundreds of different items and creatures to find and battle, so there’s plenty of opportunity for exploration and combat. The battles are challenging but fair, so it’ll take some effort to become the ultimate hero. If you’ve got the guts, then give Dragon Battle MOD a try!

Tips for Winning in Dragon Battle MOD?

If you’re looking for tips on how to win in Dragon Battle MOD, read on!

  • First and foremost, make sure you have a good strategy. Consider what your enemy is likely going to do and figure out a plan of attack that takes advantage of that. If you can predict their moves, it’ll make the battle much easier.
  • Another key part of winning is preparation. Make sure you are well-armed and well-stocked with healing items, so that you can take care of any wounds you may suffer. Make sure to use the environment to your advantage; sometimes hiding behind a rock or tree can be the difference between life and death.
  • And finally, don’t lose focus! The battlefield can be chaotic and difficult to navigate, but if you stay focused and stay in control, you’ll eventually prevail. Good luck on your journey!

How to Install Dragon Battle MOD APK

Assuming you have the Dragon Battle APK downloaded on your Android device, here is how you can use it to get an advantage over other players in the game.

  1. When you finish with the downloading mod apk file, go to the settings menu and enable “Unknown Sources”. This will allow you to install the MOD APK.
  2. Next, open the file manager on your device and locate the APK file. Tap on it to begin installation.
  3. Once the installation is complete, launch the game and you should now have access to all the features of the MOD APK.
  4. Use these features to your advantage and dominate the competition!


If you’re a fan of strategy games, then you’ll love Dragon Battle MOD APK. In this game, you take control of one of three dragons and battle against other players or computer-controlled creatures in an attempt to become the ultimate dragon lord. The game is easy to learn but difficult to master, so be sure to give it a try if you’re looking for a challenging new game.

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