Internet Cafe Simulator 2 Mod Apk 0.1 (Unlimited Money)

Internet Cafe Simulator 2 apk
App NameInternet Cafe Simulator 2
Latest Version0.1
File Size405 MB
Developed ByCheesecake Dev
Requirement5.0 or up
Worldwide Downloads10+ Million
Root Required?No
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, All Premium Unlocked, No Ads
Rating(4.0/5) 82378 Votes
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Internet Cafe Simulator 2 Mod Apk is a simulation game in which you can build your own cafe. The money that you make has to be invested wisely, because the city is huge and many people want different things. Expand your cafe by renting out new space and improve the computers so that everyone’s needs are met.

Interesting features that make Internet Cafe stimulator different from other games is that you can manage everything on your own, which teaches you how to manage a business.

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It allows you to have everything under control in your business – from the type of PCs and consoles you offer, to the cleaning and even food. You can employ illegal activity to make more money, but bear in mind the consequences of getting caught might be devastating. Work with other nearby businesses to grow your business.

The 3D graphics may not be as good as a PC, but they make it easier to follow the action. You can slowly acquire more products in order to collect the best technology and video games in the store.

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Game Play

Starting an internet café takes a lot of risk and planning. As you’re making your plans, quality machines will help your chances of success. Make sure to get the best equipment before starting construction. However, if you start thinking more strategically and invest in quality equipment, your business will have a better chance of survival.

You will need the best laptops and gaming gadgets to create the best internet cafe, but it will cost you a lot of money. To get this, start saving now and investing, so that your business can grow. This can be achieved by listening to your customers and hiring more staff.

internet cafe simulator 2 mod apk unlimited money

You will be a part of the street life in this game as this is a street company, so you have to deal with thugs, thieves, and local mafias. You may be forced to pay protection or may want to recruit security. But you still have to take care of your family, so be up for the challenge!

A security guard will always be present to help you keep the customers entering the Internet cafe in check. The game features multiple degrees of difficulty and is challenging for any type of player.

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Internet cafe simulator 2 Mod Apk Features

Internet Cafe Simulator Mod Unlimited money

With a mod, you can quickly build your dream internet café, use the unlimited money and go about building the café of your dreams.

No Ads

In the modified android app bundle, advertisements will not appear. So you can spend more time concentrating on expanding your internet cafe work than on wasting time trying to find a way around the ads.

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Manage your shop

To succeed in your business, it is important to decorate your café with items that reflect what you want. Make sure to offer your customers the best customer service so they don’t go elsewhere. You can earn money from them each time they visit by using this money to buy more items for your shop.

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This game is about investing your money on what will bring you the most profit. The more money you have in the game, the better your café business becomes and therefore more customers come to it.

Management of Resources

Internet Cafe Simulator is an android game that teaches you about managing time, money and food. Internet cafes provide internet services for customers, but charge in the form of a cafe. Even after opening your shop, your shop has different services like public computers, gaming consoles and kitchens to serve drinks and fast food. If you run out of space, you can open up a dance floor and pub in order to attract more customers.

Buy different Accessories

Using your earnings, you can also grow your business. With this game, if you earn enough money from regular customers, you can buy tables, computer monitors and other items to grow your company. It’s hard but not impossible to be number one in city.

internet cafe simulator 2 no ads


3D graphics allow gamers to explore every inch of the player’s cafe in an incredibly realistic environment. Internet Café Simulator is guaranteed never to disappoint with any visual effects. However, players must adapt to Cocopo’s graphic style that might look a little old-fashioned at first glance but is still very interesting.

You can experience many aspects of life within Internet Cafe Simulator, such as working in a cafe and facing problems. The graphics provide a lifelike environment in which you have the ability to control everything with an intuitive interface that is also compatible with mobile devices.


Use effects that are immersive and make the listener feel like they are in a luxury place. In order to enjoy our games, we first need to be psychologically prepared. The last thing you want is for your cafe to be on the rise and not to take advantage of it.

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Where I can download internet cafe stimulator?

This game is available on the Google play store and you can download it from there. It’s also available as an Apk file, which you can download from the website. Just install it, and enjoy your game!

This game internet cafe stimulation is free or paid?

This is free to download and you can continue to play it without trying to buy anything. Just download it from the website and you can start playing right away.

Is Internet cafe simulator 2 enjoyable?

Unlike other games in the business simulation genre, Internet Cafe Simulator 2 offers an enjoyable and entertaining experience. It has some flaws, but it also has moments that make it unique and memorable.

Is Internet Cafe Simulator 2 realistic?

This game is about running your own street cafe company, but it’s also about trying to make a profit. I love that there are many options for any situation you come across in the game. The different components of this game fit really well together and they’re all easy to use like crypto, computers, virtual reality, apps and others.


This game, Internet Cafe Simulator, gives you an actual perspective on managing a cafe with all of the hardships. You have to make as much money as possible in order to survive with all of the problems that come along the way, such as customers not paying, stealing, … Are you ready to manage your own internet café? With this game you can learn to start your business today.
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