Mobile Bus Simulator Mod Apk v1.0.5 (Unlimited Money)

Mobile Bus Simulator Apk
App NameMobile Bus Simulator
Latest Version1.0.5
File Size64 MB
Developed ByLOCOS
Requirement4.1 and up
Worldwide Downloads50+ Million
Root Required?No
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, All Premium Features, No Ads
Rating(4.3/5) 63887 Votes
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A fun way to pass time is with a simulation game. Today, we have Mobile Bus Simulator Mod Apk. The game allows you to experience what it’s like to drive a bus.

Mobile Bus Simulator is a fun, quirky game that has beautiful graphics that make the surrounding environment look very nice. It offers many awesome features, and they’re all discussed in this post.

Game Play

In Mobile bus simulator you transport passengers from one city to another in amazing places. You must follow traffic rules and obey traffic signals to ensure their safety. Some of the quests require you to travel farther away for greater earnings. You can customize the bus with a variety of accessories such as horns, bumpers, and more. In this simulator, you will feel like driving a real bus because of the realistic environments and realistic detailed vehicles which give experience to drive actual buses.

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Upgrading your buses will enhance their performance. This game has great animations of people entering and exiting the bus simulation. The realism of this game is displayed with weather changes that mimic those in real life. Controls are simple and easy to learn, plus there are many buses that you can buy at an affordable cost.

Mobile Bus Simulator MOD APK Hack 2023 Features

The unlimited modified mobile bus simulator game is available for download with no cost. Modded to remove advertisements and add additional features, this game offers everything players want without spending a penny. Few of the features are given below.

Live Map to track you the locations

One of the helpful thing that Mobile Bus Simulator offers is a map. It helps you avoid getting lost in the city and saves time by always showing you the right road or location. Graphically, the map is very accurate and easy to see.

Polish Your Driving Skills

Mobile Bus Simulator helps you find your driving talent, and you can develop this skill to become one of the best bus drivers. With lots of experience as a driver, and a drive to always learn more, you have now moved onto being a top level driver with many people taking note.

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Experience the Driving in different whether conditions

You will always try your best to complete a passenger job when the weather is erratic. With creativity, composure, and speed, you should be able to do well with any situation that arises. You may also like World Truck Driving Simulator MOD APK.

Modern Designs & Features of the Vehicle

The new buses have a comfortable, modern design and they get updated regularly to keep them working efficiently.

The bus will have many cameras to help drivers follow the route efficiently. In addition, the door button speeds up exiting and entering the vehicle – without having to open it by hand.

Explore and Enjoy the various beautiful cities

Mobile bus simulator is a happy way to spend your time; it will take you on adventures that let you see beautiful scenes of the world.

Character design is one of the best parts of this game as well as driving around with your car and finally getting to your desired destination.

You have drive in Mobile Bus Simulator, and you will pick up passengers and drop them off, which is your bus driving service.

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Many Rules and Traffic

There are traffic and driving rules to follow while playing Mobile Bus Simulator Apk. Other players such as cyclists and vehicles could block the pavements, cars could crash and you might have too many passengers on board. Travelling in this messy environment is like driving in a real-life situation.

In Mobile Bus Simulator game, you must follow the rules so that you don’t break any rule, and escape penalties. You also have to guide the bus through traffic without breaking any laws.

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Bus Lights to use at Night

If you’re driving at night, don’t forget to turn on the lights to avoid accidents. In addition, this will also allow for you to use your bus horn loudly and smoothly. If you ensure everyone’s life through this as well as helping them get where they want to be, then you can complete all missions. 

Finish your job by ensuring everyone’s safety and they’ll reward you in turn.

3D Dynamic Graphics

With Mobile Bus Simulator, you will be immersed in a realistic 3D experience of driving the bus and exploring the landscape.

Mobile Bus Simulator features amazing graphics and dynamic game elements that make each and everything in the game look realistic. The graphics of the weather are too much realistic, so you can enjoy different weathers like rainy, sunny, cloudy. Locations, vehicles, animations are designed with full details. There is also a dashboard mode where, while driving, you can see your bus on the dash.

Animated people entering / exiting the bus are used to engage the players while completing their missions.

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Buying Buses and Garage Expansion

You can also upgrade your buses and garage to earn more money in Mobile Bus Simulator. You get money from driving and completing missions which you must continue to do while continuing to grow your business.

Easy Controls

With the simulator effect, you can experience the controls of a bus within this game. With accelerator control, manual gear changing and fully responsive steering wheel control, you can easily drive buses in this game, with the simulator providing an authentic bus driving experience.

To pickup and dropping passengers you will simply have Door opening and closing button to use.

Customize Buses

In the Mobile Bus Simulator, you can customize your buses to suit your needs. You can change their color and appearance any time you want.

Furhermore, you will also be able to customize the outside of your bus according to how you want it to look. You can also change different parts of the body like the wheels, bumper, lights, and other body parts. Go to the garage and see what else you can do with your bus and buy new things for it like new rims and tires or even more aspects.

Lots of Missions

Unlocking more levels and missions is just one of the many things you can do in this game. You can also customize your bus and passenger’s needs to complete deliveries. The Mobile Bus Simulator has a lot of events where you can play endless tasks or explore diverse maps to find new passengers.

There are many missions that keep the player engaged throughout the game. The missions get harder as you progress through different levels, and this will motivate the player to continue playing.

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Traffic and Rules

Bus simulator games replicate real-world events and give you the opportunity to experience them in a virtual setting. This game includes traffic, lane changes, and rules you need to follow. The game provides traffic hotspots which are essential for realism, but can frustrate you when those situations arise in-game. Follow the traffic rules carefully or people will not trust your services.

Unlocked Content

This mod version of the game unlocks content which is inaccessible in the free version. All features are unlocked including all levels, buses, and routes. You can enjoy all tracks without limits.

No Ads

You can drive the bus without having to watch ads and use that time to complete missions or daily tasks.

Mobile Bus Simulator Mod Apk Unlimited Money

The mobile bus simulation allows you to easily purchase anything. With unlimited money you can customize your buses and improve their performance.

Free to Play

It is free to download and play on any android device, but it requires large storage in order to run smoothly. You can finish playing it without paying anything.


Is Mobile Bus Simulator Mod APK free to download?

Yes, this mod is free and does not require you to pay for it.


Mobile Bus Simulator Mod Apk is an exciting game that you can use to learn how to drive a bus. As you drive and transport people from place to place, don’t forget to abide by traffic rules. You’ll also have the opportunity to expand your garage and buy more buses so this game offers hours of entertainment.

With an experience of driving buses, you can get unlimited money which means that you no longer need to worry about any costs. It has excellent visuals and effects, simple controls, and is optimized for low-end devices. You will have full accessibility to everything in this game.
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