Tag After School Apk Mod v9.1 Latest Version (2023 Updated)

Tag After School Apk
App NameTag After School
Latest Version9.1
Size3.59 MB
Developed ByGenius Studio Japan lnc.
Requirement4.0 and up
Worldwide Downloads10 Million+
Root Required?No
Rating(4.4/5) 98523 Votes

Tag After School APK MOD is a mobile game that features the Shota Kun storyline, with your choices and decisions determining how the story unfolds. You play as Shota, a student who is learning his way through the transition to adulthood. As a player, you’ll be feeling like Shota Kun himself. You’ll take control of his life in and after school as he navigates living fearfully. And, as you do this, you decide what major decisions he makes along the way.

This game truly has appeal for both the gamer and anime fans. The visuals are eye-popping, and the 3D graphics are typically only found in a typical anime movie experience. You won’t be able to really get involved in the action because it’s quite a clicker game. Instead, various stages of the storyline can be accessed depending on which part you’re currently on, plus lots of characters will have something to say about your actions.

Tag After School is about the person behind the decision. It’s about people who make decisions and shape their daily lives, reaping the rewards from what they do – or from what they don’t do. With Tag After School, you can see your career path shaped according to your own strategy.

Game Play

The game arena is a Japanese haunted school where Shota-Kun is sent as a challenge to spend an entire night alone. Shota-Kun, a fearful kid with low self-esteem, is bullied by others in the school and seen as unwise and timid by his peers. One day, a senior girl challenges him to go explore the haunted school. At first he doesn’t know that this decision would change his life forever.

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Shota-Kun is caught in a game of survival. Enemies are everywhere, and he is being pursued by a group that won’t let him survive. He’ll need help to find them, but the only way to stay alive is to look for enemies and eliminate them with items like torches and other helpful tools.

Tag After School APK Game Features

Tag After School mobile is an interactive game which offers a unique storyline and captivating gameplay. Here are the features you’ll want to look out for when playing it.

Excellent Graphics

For this type of game, graphics quality is not exceptionally high-minded. The main focus of this game is the story and gameplay experience, not the graphics. But it’s still a great product with designs that are well-detailed, catch your eye from the outset, and create a distinctive visual appearance throughout. There are even different backgrounds depending on which chapter you choose to play through. You may also like Internet Café Simulator 2 Mod Apk.

Easy and simple controls

The ease of control in this game is really simple. The controls aren’t complicated and they help you make the right decision while playing. This means that the options are displayed on the screen when you make a choice, or click the settings or options tab to manually change anything you don’t like about it.

Interesting and engaging storyline

There are a lot of interesting possibilities when it comes to the game. There are always many different paths that can lead in different ways through the game. With every decision players make, they can alter their outcome and future as well. The choices and consequences each player makes is unique to them, no one will find themselves in the same spot at the same time.
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Game Characters

Shota-Kun is the main character, who is a boy with other characters that play an important role in the game. There’s also additional background content to explore as well. Now, you can also download BitLife MOD APK from our website.

Action and Fight

Some sections of the game will involve strong-armed action such as fights against female enemies and people wielding weapons. They won’t take a lot of effort to take down, but be on your guard for when they appear because they’ll eventually defeat you – in more ways than one!


Tag After School is a fun, immersive, and adventurous game. It’s full of well-detailed graphics and beautiful animations, along with a realistic story line to create an absolutely awesome environment for players. The game consists of super anxious and suspenseful moments which help gamers stay focused. This game is simply and easily understood by everyone. Download Tag After School APK free for android now and enjoy the game.
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