Bloons TD Battles MOD APK v6.18.0 (Unlimited Medallions)

Bloons TD Battles APK
App NameBloons TD Battles MOD APK
Latest Version6.18.0
Size102 MB
Developed Byninja kiwi
Requirement4.4 and up
Worldwide Downloads10 Million+
Root Required?No
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Everything, Medallions
Rating(4.4/5) 24428 Votes
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Bloons TD Battles MOD APK is an action-packed tower defense game in which players take control of a number of towers to defend their base from waves of invading balloons. You can also get points to enter your name into the online leaderboard.  As is customary in this game, each player will control their own defensive and offensive swarms of balloons and the other player will be responsible for commanding the defensive and offensive swarms of their

You’ll love playing Bloons TD Battles because it provides you with a Clash of Clans like setting, but instead of building and defending your Kingdom against assault, Bloons TD Battles offers a multiplayer setting where you defend your base from balloons, or Bloons. You don’t need to be worried. This is important because if you run out of lives, your tower will be destroyed, and you want to avoid being defeated at any cost.

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You’ve got to think your way through your strategy. Figure out a brilliant defense and a brilliant offense to leave your opponent with the bitter taste of loss.

In Bloons TD Battles you’ll have endless amounts of money, unlimited lives, unlimited shopping, all the hard challenges and modes already unlocked, so you should bring your A-Game from the start and dominate the battlefield.

Bloons TD Battles MOD APK Game Overview

Tower Defense Bloons TD is a tower defense game in the traditional sense. One player stands with a hammer while the other is armed with a pickaxe. Choose the map, game mode, and defense tower to start the game. You must be on a different mode depending on the objective you’ve selected. The objective is to knock down all the balloons by the time they reach your home. Every balloon that enters your stronghold affects the number of balloons that you can get. You lose if the number of balloons reaches the maximum allowed.

In Bloons TD Battles, each level contains up to 18 different battles, and the game offers up to 20 different towers. The more towers you have upgraded, the stronger and more powerful your character becomes. With each upgrade you get an energy boost and more defenses to fend off enemies. With the Monkey Tower Boost you’ll be able to power up your monkey tower quickly. Monkey towers are used to make monkeys and their attacks become faster over time. This function does not stop your enemies from attacking you. If the player is in Assault mode, they can use Bloons Boost to boost their balloon’s power when attacking the enemy. With Bloons TD Battles, you can compete against other monkeys.

Bloons TD Battles is a strategy-platformer game that’s both fun to play and challenging to master. There will be many different kinds of music to enjoy, just like the last time. You’ll get a free year of the game, plus powerful upgrades to help your team stay alive in future encounters against other gamers.

Bloons TD Battles MOD APK Features

Battles against the clock

This is the new game mode for your iPhone or iPod touch. With new gameplay that allows you to compete head to head with other players rather than fight against programmed enemies, you’ll want to download this game.

Bloons TD B atack is fun for all ages, whether your are playing with real humans or with your friends online. The gameplay is simple and the battles are always entertaining.


Bloons Tower Defense (Battles) is a straightforward game. Super Monkey will help your pet to fire the laser rifle by rolling over it. Play as Monkey and when he rolls over, shoot the monkey.

The Bloons TD Bouts game has over 16 additional exciting achievements to collect in addition to the incredible games. There are many achievements you can earn through AI battles or online PvP matches, such as winning a tournament.

Three basic game modes

Assault mode is an interesting twist on the Balloon Pop mechanic that is familiar to any of the other modes in NBA 2K18. The balloons will begin to slowly rise at first. However, starting in round 30, they’ll speed up by 20% per turn. Players should not disregard defense; they need to put in practice in order to maintain a balance between offense and defense. Build a wall, then put up an obstacle course in the front yard. The people in the house will help you.

Once the game starts, the player will receive $ 75 for his or her first defensive match. If you want to increase your revenue, then it’s important to improve your website’s conversion rates. To earn more money, you should spend less time in the office or focus on another part of your business that generates a higher return.

In Battle Arena, players will battle against each other in an arena. Players can play in the arena by themselves or connect with friends. The player’s rank rises as the number of medals he wins increases. Only the best players can become the best.

Multiplayer online

You may encounter a variety of opponents in online games and will have to compete with players from around the world. Put your all into the game of Bloon and destroy them all. You’ll find yourself addicted to this addicting game. The best Bloons player from across the world is competing in the Super Monkey Ball World Tournament. You may also like Rush Royale MOD APK.

New strategies

Playing defense against the balloons will be a new challenge for players in the new multiplayer mode. The team who creates more robust defenses will emerge victorious.

You won’t ever play this game again without realizing there’s a lot more to the game than meets the eye. Whether you are facing a group of attackers or just one or two enemies, you’ll never know when or how they’ll attack.

 Offensively, you have the option of using multiple balloons. The defensive team is given one of the 22 monkey towers, each with a set of eight different upgrades. There are a number of towers that turn into full fledged military bases. It’s like the Planet of the Apes dawn, but with better food and even more of it.

This guide isn’t meant to give you everything you need to know about any of the towers, but it is meant to give you the basics. Some will require unlocking in later levels, while others are too expensive to buy for your first couple of purchases.

If you play Tower Defense games, this one’s for you. It’s the most creative, exciting tower defense game you’ll ever play. Stealth bombers are great for killing people. They will suffocate or explode with a few practice runs. When you’re fighting with balloons, you need to know which kinds of balloons are good for which types of battles. This requires a good balance of different types of weapons in order to beat armored and strong balloons.

Weapons and character

You don’t just fight with the monkeys, you can use a variety of different weaponry. You are looking at a list of over a hundred different games in all different genres, some of which are free to play. As the name suggests, the game is played with the objective of destroying all the bloons on the board. You and your friends decide who gets to choose and then pit the monkeys against the hate balloons. Whoever wins, earns a prize. All of the above are amazing when it comes to blowing up balloons. 

Towers Potential

The levels of difficulty in Bloons TD Battles are varied. Players will have to think strategically and creatively when planning their attack on rival towers. You’ll improve your strength by expanding the number of towers you can use. At the same time, it’s important to know the traits and skills of each monkey to choose the right upgrading path for them. You’ll be able to outwit your foes much more easily. 

Understand Your Monkeys

In each tower, there’s a specific role for each tower to play. In Bloons TD Battles, each tower has its own unique role to play. The Dart Monkey and Buccaneer towers are a great pair for the beginners. It’s important to understand what each tower does in your defense.

If you’re familiar with all the towers, it will help you pick a tower that’s best for your current game. These improvements are expensive, but they can greatly improve a tower’s performance and even let it play a new function.

You can increase your tower by playing the game. The more you play the game, the better your towers will get. In the game, gold medallions are the premium currency. You can earn a small amount by spinning the wheel and watching advertisements, or you can spend actual money on them. The only thing that can help you get better at tower is practice, so make sure to take plenty of time in your tournaments.

Upgrade your weapons.

The balloons will speed up the game and change its starting point. These balloons will render your weapons useless. Don’t leave your weapon system unattended. Be sure to keep up with all the upgrades and modifications that might come along. While the combat is ongoing, upgrades can be made. Decals and skins are just some of the elements in Bloons TD Battles. These new defenses are the best in any of the three major defense tower games. Take control of the valiant monkeys in Bloons TD Battles MOD and use weaponry to destroy your opponents’ balloons.

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